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.asp viewer

Taking a quick look around, I don't see a reference that
their server handles ASP.  I see a few scattered references to Java
applets, not so much user-written as pre-built and available to users.
You might try sending a comment/question into their help people, but
it doesn't look good. :(


> Thanks Gordon,
> 	the server looks like is down at, that is supposed to be
> able to handle Front Page 2000 extensions. Does this sound any bell to
> you?
> Thanks again
> Max
> Gordon Keegan wrote:
> > 
> > If ASP (Active Server Pages) works the same as other server scripting
> > (like PHP! :) then it's up to the server to run the .asp pages and
> > produce standard HTML for the client browser (or HTML/javascript, etc...)
> > IIS probably has to be told/configured/strongarmed into running .asp
> > pages through some ASP execution process before sending them out to
> > clients.  Sounds like it's just sending the raw .asp pages without
> > processing...
> > 
> > Gordon
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