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Plea for help: The detriment of using Microsoft products

On Tue, 16 May 2000, Mike Bilow wrote:

<mikebw>Given that I criticized Minasi rather severely for his horrendously flawed
<mikebw>"Inside OS/2" series of books, I find his emergence as a quality expert
<mikebw>rather ironic, to say the least.
<mikebw>I do not believe there are any CMM5 operations in India.  There may well
<mikebw>be places that claim to be at CMM5, but this is not like ISO9000 where the
<mikebw>main qualification is to write a big enough check.  I am quite certain
<mikebw>that the US DoD does not contract out critical software to India.

Let me quote what I read in another mail just now...

"Be careful with blanket statements, sweeping generalizations, and, when
stating opinions, clarify it is an opinion, and be ready to back it up."

Does Mr Bilow have anything to backup his remarks on the IT industry in
India?  I feel, underestimating the capabilities of 'third world'
countries like India is a big mistake at least in terms of science &
technology. No doubt, developed countries like the US have contributed a
lot (and have pioneered many technologies) to S&T, but just wanted to
point out that your sweeping generalisation is just based on some bias and
not facts.  

In fact, the URL
does list many leading IT groups in India like TCS, Wipro etc, most of
them having a  presence in the US as well.

FYI, IT industry in India is very mature and  there are n number of
companies in India who religiously follow TQM and related stuff. I am proud 
to say that I do work for such a company (although we dont have CMM
certification) and incidentally one of our directors got the Deming
award last year.
And, If Mr Bilow has the time and patience please either pay a visit to
India to see for yourself or visit websites of some Indian companies
listed in the SEI site and not follow what somebody else say, before you
make such statements.


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