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3 Questions

1. In KDE, when I click on an E-mail link KFM opens. That's OK, but I prefer
Nutscrape. Is there a way no make Nutscrape my "default browser"? (OK, OK

2. How can you copy and paste a URL into Netscape?

3. How do you get KFM to download stuff? All that happens when I click a
download link is I get the "run with" dialog (whenever I see that, I get to
thinking about that old '50s term referring to the horizontal mambo, and images
of Janet Leigh in a battleship bra and 10 gallon panties spring to mind....) 

[Joke-within-a joke; how many of you guys out there know who Janet Leigh was?]


David P. Greenberg
Bitco Electronics
"In Service to the Recording Industry"

**Think too much, you loose your edge.
       Edge is everything-Hawk**
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