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IMAP offline mode

Today, Mike Bilow gleaned this insight:

> Just "synchronize" your mailbox after logging in.  By default, only the
> mail headers, not the message bodies, are transferred upon logging into an
> IMAP server, and the message bodies are called for as you read.  If you
> manually issue the "synchronize" command to the client, then it will
> download all of the message bodies immediately and cache them locally.
> I do this regularly with Netscape Messenger 4.7 and UW IMAP.

OK, I see the problem... I could find no such option on any menu.
According to the Netscape help, this is because only the WINDOWS version
of communicator has this function.  We're a Linux company.  


(Fortunately, most of the people who need this functionality are Windows
users, and therefore I'm saved...)

I find it interesting and ironic that the people who developed Netscape
only provide certain features on their cheif competitor's platform,
especially since Netscape has a Unix heritage (having been written by the
Mosaic people on Unix under X, IIRC).  One would think they would do
everything they can to make sure Netscape were superlative on Unix
platforms, since they would seem to have a HUGE opportunity here (as IE
doesn't or didn't run on most Unices, as far as I know). Andreesen and Co.
have obviously forgotten their roots. :(

Does IE run on anything other than Solaris and HP-UX? Not that I
particularly care...

Mike, since I can't look myself (now that my Windows installation on my
Halflife computer has become unusable, I no longer run Windows AT ALL),
and you've obviously used it, can you please elaborate a little and tell
me where to find this wonderous, mystical menu item?


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