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How do I NAT http requests to my FW?

On Thu, 25 May 2000 linuxguy at wrote:

> greetings,
> I want to temporarily allow http traffic to my cable-modem firewall from
> the internet so I can demo a new PHP applet of mine.
> I don't want to run waste any effort installing & configuring Apache
> on the FW, so I want to forward the requests to an internal web server...
> I'm using RH 6.1/Sparc with ipchains on the FW.

You could toss together a simple proxy script to run out of inetd; I've
done this in the past. The script would sit on port 80, and pass whatever
it receives verbatim to the "real" apache server, and then passes the
results verbatim to the original client.

I used "netcat" to do the socket stuff when I had this problem in the
past, just to get it done quickly. Once it's up and running, you can
always optimize it by doing the messy socket details directly in perl.

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