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perl is done!?!?!?


         What with ESR's religious-war-by-the-backdoor plans to make            
         Kernel configuration dependent on Python, Tom Christiansen's           
         slow descent into Kurtz-esque insanity on the                          
         perl5porters list and Segfault's recent revelation that all            
         Perl core development is to end because Larry says                     
         "a language is syntactically complete when you find a use for          
         every bit of the keyboard", it's not been a good Spring for Perl.      
         But the camel has many humps, and if all else fails, the               
         loyal mongers can alway hack up an escape route. Easing the            
         transition to the promised land is LANGUAGE::BASIC, a new Perl         
         module that provides complete emulation of the latest BASIC            
         dialects - if your real time clock stopped around 1980, that           
         is. Special features: ON... GOSUB and DEF FN. Free code to             
         "Hunt the Wumpus" included! Let's go!                                                        
                                 - no RESTORE statement though. damn.                   
                                            - oh, Perl's always funny           


DDDD   David Kramer         
DKK D  Science without religion is lame,
DK KD  religion without science is blind.
DDDD              Albert Einstein

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