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Transitioning to UNIX/Linux embedded/kernel/device drivers

I'm looking to move from other areas of UNIX/Linux software development into 
either embedded software development, kernel internals, or device drivers.  
These fields have several things in common:
- Generally dealing with a limited set of commands and resources
- Much closer to the hardware
- Spectacular failure modes
- There aren't as many people doing this as there are in other fields

I've done something like embedded programming, assembler (a long time ago), 
and am familiar with hardware.  I do have a few questions of those of you out 
there who have done this before, though.

- Any advice on which of these areas is more likely to prove fruitful is 
welcome.  I have seen several large [relatively] prospering companies with 
job openings in these areas: EMC, Red Hat, Sun, Storage Networks (RIP?), ATG, 
etc.  Other target companies welcome as well.

- I'm looking for some kind of training classes for any of these areas.  The 
sooner the better, and daytime is better than nighttime.  Don't care about 
credits or metriculating, but some kinda certificate would be nice.  My wife 
and I have budgeted for one moderately expensive class.

- Would development on my Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 Linux-based strongarm PDA count 
as embedded programming?  Sure, it has lots of RAM, but a lot of the other 
issues are still there.  I know this answer is going to in part be in the eye 
of the beholder.

- I'm open to any projects that need help in these areas, as long as the team 
understands my current skillset.

DDDD   David Kramer         david at
DKK D  Love to stay.  Can't.  Have to go.  Kiss kiss, love love, bye.
DDDD                                                                   J'Kar

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