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Security tutorials


David Kramer was kind enough to suggest I write to you folks.

I'm a security, systems and networking consultant who also happens to do
tutorials.  This August, I'll be presenting "Using FreeBSD's Advanced
Security Features" at the 12th annual USENIX Security Symposium.  Before
that event, I'd like to give the talk to a group in this area.

Covering topics from how to assess risk to how to use FreeBSD to
effectively mitigate risk, this talk is great for all crowds, from admins
to managers.  You needn't be an expert in security or FreeBSD to get a lot
out of the presentation.

It's normally a full day session, but I'm breaking it up into two half-day
sessions.  If I get enough interest, I'll book a conference room and let
you know the scheduling.  The first half-day session will be in mid-June.

I'm also happy to present "Using IPsec", which covers both what IPsec is
and how to use it on a variety of platforms.  "Advanced BSD Security" is
also available, which is similar to the FreeBSD talk, but covers all the

Details on the FreeBSD talk are at, and links to my
other talks are at

There will be a nominal fee for each presentation, probably something like
$20 per session, to cover course materials, the conference room, etc.

If you're interested in any or all of my talks, please let me know:

  1) Which talk(s) you want to hear
  2) Any scheduling restrictions you have in mid-June

Lastly, if your company might be interested in hosting this so as to
reduce the conference room costs (the big $$), please let me know.


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