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Opinions of local OSX dealers?

For what it's worth, I bought my first mac (a powermac desktop w/ that
swanky 23" cinema display) and followed up with a powerbook laptop about a
month ago.

I've been doing development work on a desktop using either Slackware or
Redhat Linux for the better part of six years -- I won't go back after using
the macs.  I can do everything on here that I did on those machines -
develop and test locally, upload to server when done..  With a much nicer

It was a hoot doing some PHP coding on the flight back from Austin a few
weeks ago and being able to test everything right on the powerbook with the
unix backend -- I'm quite impressed.

I've ordered from both and purchased locally at the Apple store in
Peabody.  Very happy with their service.

Hope this helps --

On 5/22/03 17:15, "John Chambers" <jc at> wrote:

> For the usual various reasons, I'm strongly contemplating getting  an
> OSX  laptop  and  start  comparing & contrasting it with my two linux
> boxen.  A bit of research has resulted in the general impression that
> the  various  online  sources  don't  have  any  discernable price or
> support advantages  to,  though  I  probably  missed  some
> evidence.   There's  still  the  question  of whether any Boston-area
> retailers would be better than ordering via the Net.  So does  anyone
> have any comments pro/con any local Apple outlets?
> The advent of  OSX  does  seem  like  a  challenge  to  the  historic
> separateness of the Mac and Unix crowds. I suppose it's just a matter
> of time until we start seeing a merger.
> Of course, that's not nearly as odd as  seeing  IBM  jumping  on  the
> linux bandwagon.
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