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best new video cards for linux?

> The nVidia GeForce cards are supposed to be excellent, and nVidia
> supports Linux by making their drivers available to the Linux and
> FreeBSD communities. 

I have to respectfully disagree, having worked with the GeForce 2 and TNT 
Riva2.  The Nvidia boards have lock up problems, especially when running GL 
graphics, e.g., the xlock screen saver.  It craters the system, no network 
access, and a hardware reset is required to recover.

This may be specific to particular motherboard chipsets and CPUs, viz., VIA 
chipsets and AMD Athlon processors.

But because Nvidia is anti-open source, no one can look at their drivers and 
fix the problems.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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