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Speaking of mail etc

On Tue, 2003-07-29 at 09:57, Rich Braun wrote:

> As an example, I see a *lot* of html mail getting posted to one of my favorite
> techie lists (nanog), one where I would've expected peer pressure would have
> excluded such items.  (You don't see those very often here on BLU, because
> such submitters get shouted down quickly.)  The list software can't parse
> them, so you get all these =20, =3D, and html tags.

When I receive an html message myself, I habitually delete it 
on the assumption that it's spam. 

As for the mailing lists, they're configured to only allow 
subscribers to post. Non-subscribers' messages get queued for 
administrative review, and those messages almost always turn 
out to be spam. 

Occasionally something legitimate gets caught, for instance when 
somebody subscribed with an "" address posts from a 
"" address, and I'd generally pass those along if I 
don't remember seeing them already re-posted by the author. 

However, when I review these messages, the first thing I notice is 
if they're plain-text or html. Anything that's html I delete with 
no further analysis. 

John Abreau / jabr at / 
(PGP) D5C7B5D9 / (FP) 72 FB 39 4F 3C 3B D6 5B E0 C8 5A 6E F1 2C BE 99

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