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URL question

Eric asks:
| Hi.  What are the guidelines for writing a URL?  I looked around but
| pages like this,
| tell me little.
| Like, say I want to access a repository from the net, where do I put the
| port, or where do I put the path, etc.
| svn://
| Now if I had to specify a path, where does it go, after the port?
| svn checkout
| svn:// cpp
| Thanks for any tips/links/etc.

You pretty much got it exactly right.  The order is:


There's more, of course.  For an html file, you might see #foo  after
the file part, which tells the browser to go to the point in the text
labelled with <a name="foo">.  If the URL invokes a program (CGI)  on
the  server  machine,  you  might  see  '?'  followed  by  a  list of
parameters.  But those are just further details to  what  has  turned
into a rather complicated bit of syntax.

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