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.flac to .ogg

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John Abreau wrote:
~ > FLAC is a lossless codec; you can convert it back to an exact copy of
| the original WAV file as it was before encoding to FLAC. Then you can
| use oggenc to create the ogg vorbis file.
| Here's a simple bash script that assumes the defaults are acceptable:
|     #! /bin/bash
|     for i do
|         flac -d $i
|         oggenc -q 7 ${i%.flac}.wav
| 	# if you want to delete the intermediate files:
|         rm $i ${i%.flac}.wav
|     done
| Note that this assumes sane filenames, i.e. no spaces or other
| problem characters.

Flac is great.  I just have to save some space, the good stuff goes to
cd and the not so good stuff goes to ogg.  Thanks.
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- -Eric
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