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economical laptop

On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 11:31:42AM -0400, Keller, Tim wrote:
> David's right.
> Laptops are the opposite of user serviceable electronics.  Everything is
> custom and proprietary...
> Also, what is your price range?  
> I just saw a 900mhz P3 laptop on for $689.
> Granted it's not a >2ghz machine, but for under a grand it isn't too bad of
> a deal.

Since it will be running Linux it will be the equivalent of a 2 GHz
machine thats running windows, right? :)

Have to agree w/the above - Laptops components haven't reached the 
same level of interchangability as desktop components.

They will be someday, but by then, I suspect that we will all be using some
kind of almost disposable ( < $150 ) portable computing device.

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