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Getting started w/ Debian

Matthew Valites wrote:

>>I'm planning on doing my first Debian install this week via the install 
>>option of Knoppix. 
> Why are you using Knoppix to install debian?  Debian's net install is
> very easy and a fairly large selling point in general for the OS. 
> Either grab the floppy images or grab a CD from here:

Ahhh, I somehow missed that page in my previous attempt to install 
Debian. Previously I was trying to rsync cd images or something. 
Needless to say it didn't work. I have a cable modem at home so 
bandwidth is no problem (350KB/sec - thanks comcast!).

> Make sure you grab the kernel v2.4 netinstall.  Due to debian's lack of
> updating their stable branch, (last time I checked) their default
> netinstall had a 2.2 kernel.  

Hmmm, this is a big selling point of Knoppix for me. The latest version 
has the 2.6 kernel, and the awesome hardware detection that it has 
become so widely recognized for. This system will be used for a new 
project, part of which is updating my knowledge so I want to be using 
the latest versions for everything.

Once I have a default Debian installation, what are my upgrade options? 
It sounds like I definitely won't be using anything on the stable 
branch. I'm assuming someone must have a .deb for the latest kernels, 
perl, apache, mod_perl, postgres, etc?

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