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javax.crypt & Serializable problems

	I should start off with I am doing this as homework for a class.  
However since I'm using crypto and the question asked me to do something 
else, I will probably have to rewrite it before I pass it in anyway.
	So the program is sort of like a UNIX shell with a login wrapper.  
I didn't want to write a dumb authentication scheme like the book asked 
since it looked dumb.  So I found a source for help with javax.crypto, and 
with that source I put something together that works pretty well - I like 
it.  I am now in the File I/O chapter which includes a section on 
serializing code, however I am getting an error: javax.crypto.Cipher

I found the SealedObject class which I thought would get me through it, 
however it did not.  

Anyway I am really boggled as how to get through this problem.  I could do 
what the problem asks; but crypto has always interest me and I'm curious 
anyway.  So does anyone have any ideas as to which classes I should look 
at to do this?  

Thanks for any help,

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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