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Grub on MBR just won't "take"

Have you successfully booted from this drive before with your system?

Maybe you've got a different problem masquerading as a grub problem.

Like.... maybe your drive breaks the ~32GB, ~137GB, or some other barrier your 
drive controller can't handle.

And I like the other ideas people had about being sure you're booting the 
drive you think you're booting. Try disconnecting the other drives 
temporarily so there's no chance you're wrong about which drive is which.

On Wednesday 28 July 2004 11:11, Don Levey wrote:
>  wrote:
> > Maybe I'm wrong here, but doesn't one of the partitions on the drive
> > need to be marked 'Active'? Also, BIOS needs to know which drive to
> > start the booting process from, so if you've got two drives, make sure
> > the one your installed grub to is setup as the first drive your BIOS
> > sees, and that its set to boot from it (sometimes called C: to the
> > BIOS)
> >
> > -Josh
> Hmm, I think I did all that.
> The partition is marked active in fdisk, and I can bring up a BIOS-based
> boot menu to select which drive to boot from.  Trying to boot from that
> drive gives me an error that a boot record is not found.
> I've got three drives in the machine: one Maxtor, two Western Digital, and
> so choosing based upon model number helps me confirm which one is hd0/hda.
>  -Don
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