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Adobe Illustrator

Gimp is a replacement of Photoshop rather than Illustrator. The whole rastor 
versus vector thing that somebody else mentioned. But the gimp-print tools 
are exceptional if they need advanced printer control.

Another option besides the ones mentioned is Scribus.

I don't know if it does the actual vector-based manipulation, but it does page 
layout, saves to pdfs, etc. that you need from any good page layout program. 
It's a good replacement for Adobe Acrobat and can do some of the things that 
Adobe InDesign does.

My personal finding is that people who do _SERIOUS_ graphic arts stuff get 
very comfortable and proficient with their tools, and very much resent 
anything that requires them to retrain with tools where they may be less 

This person may run into immediate trouble with font managament, which is 
something Windows still does with less frustration than linux. (or maybe I'm 
just less comfortable with the tools)

On Friday 30 July 2004 10:40, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> I am converting a friend from Windows to Linux, and the only application
> that might cause a problem is Adobe Illustrator. I am reasonably certain
> that it will not run under WINE. The lady does not use Illustrator for
> professional publication, but uses it mainly for drawing. What I would
> like to know if there are some decent programs on Linux that she might
> be comfortable to use. I know that The Gimp is an excellent drawing
> program, but I don't know how to compare that with Illustrator in terms
> where I would be comfortable.

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