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Software Freedom Day Update

<quote who="David Kramer" date="Sun, Sep 11, 2005 at 12:50:03AM -0400">
> So... how did it go?

I showed up with two other Debian people from Boston and we were
joined by a few other folks over the period. We had about 200 fliers
and ~400 CDs. Over the course course of 2 or so hours, we handed out
all of the fliers, all of the x86 CDs, many of the PowerPC CDs and
just about none of the AMD64 CDs.

While some people just grabbed the CD while walking by, my experience
was that I talked to most of the folks who took a CDs and explained a
little bit about what it was on the CD, what free and open source
software was, and why it was important. Most folks had computers and
I'd say that most of them knew (and liked!) Firefox and/or OpenOffice
and were curious about systems based on Linux and on other types of
free software.

We also got some good positive feedback from people who appreciated
that we were fighting the good fight and one person with a Red Hat hat
on noticed the CD and asked "are those Ubuntu CDs?" She seemed happy
to chat with the Ubuntu and Debian developers there.

It was a fun time and I'd like to think we made a slight increase in
the amount of software freedom in Cambridge yesterday. Next year, we
might want to look into a banner, table, t-shirts and more,
flashier fliers. Many people seemed to be wary of taking a CD 
but did not mind a flier. Folks were afraid of spyware and viruses and
many simply did not believe that high quality software could possibly
be free.


Benjamin Mako Hill
mako at

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