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The $100 laptop closer to reality

Ben Jackson wrote:
| On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, Ronny Serrano wrote:
| > I almost feel that this should be moved to slash dot to continue the
| > conversation
| >
| But we haven't even BROUGHT up Microsoft yet. :D

Hey, I did both! ;-)

Actually, I submitted a story about the Media Lab's  gadget,  with  a
link  to the Globe's report (first page of business section).  It was
rejected. I haven't seen the story there yet today, either. I suppose
it'll pop up some time soon.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft tries to  interfere  with
this  one.   Probably  with  a Windows CE laptop that will be full of
licenses, DRM, and "no user servicable parts". I wonder if they could
run   on   a   hand-cranked  machine,  with  the  implied  low  power
requirement.  They can always make a promise, so as to subvert  sales
and development of competing machines, and then not deliver.  Lots of
precedent for that approach.

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