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Speakeasy - First Impressions

Bill Horne wrote:
> I have switched to Speakeasy and ADSL, after all the trouble I had with
> Comcast blocking my mail and web ports.
> My first impressions:

> Minus:
> * Long wait for customer service on my first call - about 25 minutes,
>   although it is probably better at other times, since I called around
>   1 PM today

Not fun, but not actually horrible for an ISB.  Their online support is MUCH
better, it's true.
> * Long wait for install - it took Covad/Verizon two tries to get the
>   line working, so I had to wait over a month for service after I
>   placed the order.

That's Covad/Verizon, not Speakeasy.  Remember, in this three/four-way
relationship, Speakeasy is depending on their competitors to complete the
process for them.

> Neutral:
> * Price comparable with Comcast, assuming you don't already have cable
>   TV and will pay for the minimum "antenna" service that Comcast requires
>   for data users. If you're paying for Cable TV already, you may or may
>   not choose to include your cable TV fee as part of the cost of data
>   service: I had to pay ~12/month for the bottom tier of TV service in
>   order to get a cable modem.

Can Comcast deliver a static IP?  Not comparable services.

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