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segmantation fault error

On 7/9/07, Matthew Gillen <me-5yx05kfkO/aqeI1yJSURBw at> wrote:
> I find it hard to believe that a bad zip binary (even a malicious one) could
> cause a kernel crash, unless it happens to be triggering a kernel bug.  But
> then it would affect all his machines, and he said he had 29 good ones...

Is it causing a kernel panic?  I didn't get that from his posting.  I
saw that the kernel was reporting that a process had crashed, the zip
process with pid 2351.  If it was a hard lock, I assume he would have
stated so...

> Before you re-install anything, you can see if your binaries are modified by
> verifying the md5sum of your binaries against the version from the installed
> RPM with 'rpm -V zip' (if you see a '5' in the summary for a file, then it's
> md5sum is different; there is no output at all if everything matches the RPM
> db).  (note that if you do this for glibc, you'll need to be root to check one
> of the files, you'll know you have permission issues if you see a '?')
> Does it only happen with disk access?  If memory checks out, it might be a
> faulty ide controller, or something else motherboard-related.

But the process is repeatable for the zip application right?  So, it
doesn't sound intermittent.  It's behaving exactly the way the binary
wanted :-)  Ie, it is either a bug in the source, which appeared in
the binary, or the binary is corrupted, or a shared library is the
issue.  That's why I asked if i twas happening in many different
applications, to which he hasn't responded.

In any event, if you have 30 other machines, what is so different
about this one machine, and when was the last time it was working
after a reboot (indicating new kernel/libc loaded, etc)?
Kristian Hermansen

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