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Don't buy an iPhone-- buy a Neo1973

Samuel Baldwin wrote:
> A hackers dream phone: Neo1973 by OpenMoko.
> Cheaper and has a linux shell to boot (nethack on the go). Definately
> worth any linux geeks attention.
> I also assume that developing 3rd party applications for it will be a
> breeze because
> of it's open source nature. What would really top that phone off would
> be the inclusion of a C/C++ IDE.  I'd reccomend waiting for the final
> stage release (see their development cycle or the slashdot article),
> since they're adding more into the phone. I assume nothing will be
> taken out.

Lesse.  Both their main website and their wiki are currently down (web 
server not responding and MySQL not responding, respectively).  I don't 
think I want to buy a phone from a company that can't keep their web 
server up and running.

BTW, the one available now is the developer's version.  The real thing 
will be available for sale in October, if there aren't more delays.

Don't get me wrong; I'm *very* excited about the potential of such a 
thing, but it's not soup yet, and unrealistic expectations make for 
failed launches.

The iPhone may have it's chance at a morning after hangover as people 
actually try to use this thing for a few months.  I was very convinced I 
wanted one til I spent about an hour with one at the Apple store last 
weekend.  Now I'm not so sure.

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