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[Fwd: ODF Action Alert - Massachusetts - PLEASE COMMENT BY JULY 20]

Thought this might of interest to BLU people:

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Subject: 	ODF Action Alert - Massachusetts - PLEASE COMMENT BY JULY 20
Date: 	Fri, 13 Jul 2007 04:56:16 -0700
From: 	Marino Marcich <mmarcich-iL/5m957Eo0WoGwOgc0d8g at>

Massachusetts has released the next draft of its Enterprise Technical 
Reference Model (ETRM) for public comment which would place Ecma-376 
Office Open XML Formats (OOXML) on par with ODF. Two years ago, 
Massachusetts reversed a similar conclusion as a result of strong public 
input. *Your comments can make a difference!!! Write to 
standards-Af4YW2/5DYtzbRFIqnYvSA at no later than 20 July 2007 encouraging 
Massachusetts to reject OOXML's inclusion under the ETRM.* Individual 
responses are much better than form letters, but you may want to use 
Andy Updegrove's excellent submission/blog and the points below to help 
guide your efforts. The Alliance will post its submission on the web 
site ( shortly. Thanks.

_Enterprise Technical Reference Model v.4.0 Public Review Draft_ -

_The Standards Blog_ -

*Urge the Commonwealth to oppose the addition of Ecma-376 - Office Open 
XML Formats (OOXML) because it would be a harmful step backwards for the 
Commonwealth for the following reasons:*

    * *The Commonwealth should encourage interoperability* - Adoption of
      Ecma-376 / OOXML would be a shift away from interoperability
      offered by ODF because OOXML is a single vendor format that is not
      interoperable with other formats and applications.
    * *The Commonwealth should encourage choice* - Adoption of Ecma-376
      / OOXML would eliminate choice because as a single vendor format,
      it does NOT provide choice of applications support, like ODF.
    * *The Commonwealth should encourage harmonization* - Adoption of
      Ecma-376 / OOXML would discourage harmonization by creating a
      disincentive for Microsoft to harmonize with existing open
      standards such as ODF and with other -- non-Microsoft -- applications.

Marino Marcich
ODF Alliance
1090 Vermont Avenue, NW, 6th Floor
Washington, DC 20005
Direct Line: 202-789-4450
Main Switchboard: 202-289-7442
Fax: 202-289-7097

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