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Re: file shredding tools

 >  The main issue as I see it is regulatory compliance. 

It's your customer, you calls the issue. 

> The man page for 
>  the GNU coreutils "shred" command mentions that it's not guaranteed 
>  to work on journaled or log-structured filesystems, or on RAID volumes. 

Yup, anything that makes it harder to accidentally trash the data 
makes it harder to intentionally trash irretrievably, even if it 
appears so to a naive and trusting user. 

>  ITAR 

it's not just ITAR. 
PCI, HIPAA, USGovt Classified, lots of data is too sensitive to trust 
to 'rm' legally. 

>  reside on our normal customer server due to this, so I now need to build 
>  a separate server for customer ... data. 

Or add a non-Raid non-Jfs filesystem for their data on existing server ? 

A  Partition per customer that mounted as their directory and 
device-shreded ( 'dd /dev/zero'  'dd /dev/random' 'dd /dev/zero' ?) 
might be workable. 

LVM pseudo-partitions might not be safe if they rebalance; if they 
fixed allocate actual sector blocks, that would be ok too. 

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