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Turning Off the Computer

On 10/19/2008 05:39 PM, Martin Owens wrote:
>> what is the current=20
>> thinking on whether to turn home computers off when not in use. In my =

>> case, at night since I log into it in the morning. Certainly power=20
>> saving technologies do save some costs.
>>    =20
> Turn them off, most desktop computers idle still sucking down 100 of
> more watt hours, more for fancy hardware such as 3d cards.
> You can get away with suspend for laptops. But desktops at home and wor=
> should _always_ be shutdown when not in use for over an hour.
> When I did a test at home, I found leaving my desktop computer on
> increased the domestic electric bill by 12%. Not like it's doing
> anything during the night either.
>  =20
Thanks Martin,
In my case with my new system, it boots up fast enough that I can power=20
it up in the morning.

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