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reminder Boston Linux and Unix Annual Summer BBQ XV tomorrow, Saturday

Jerry Feldman wrote:
| > It sure is nice right now.  Lots of flowers being pollinated by lots
| > of bees, and all that.
| And who's bringing the Off :-)

It's probably not needed. We are fairly high up, with no open water close by,
so we usually don't get many mosquitos. We have had a few more this year than
usual, but only in the evening.  But  cloudy,  humid  conditions  like  we'll
probably  have  tomorrow  are  exactly  what  the little critters like, so if
someone brings Off, you may find people thanking you.

One of the main signs in our yard of how wet it's been is that  we're  seeing
redwing blackbirds at the feeder. They like to nest near water, so we usually
don't see them here.  Lately, we've been seeing families of  them,  with  the
adults teaching the babies to use bird feeders (and attack sparrows).

There are three kinds of people in this world,
those who count and those who don't.

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