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SCSI drive mappings

On 07/19/2009 04:25 PM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> Drive mappings in Linux are somewhat arbitrary. My specific problem is
> that I have a SCSI box, 2 controllers 5 slots each with roughly 9 drives
> currently plugged in. Looking at LVM, one drive, /dev/sdd, has not been
> allocated. The issue is that I want to figure out what physical drive it
> is. 

"hdparm -I /dev/sdd" will give you a serial number that you could check
against the physical drive, if you can get in a peek at that.

> The second problem is that this is a production drive and I don't
> want to have to shut it down.

Unless you have a really slick computer case that would let you look at the
drive serial numbers without taking them out, I'm not sure how you'd manage to
not shut it down.

> Unfortunately, it is not hot-swap in that if I place a drive into an empty
> slot, the system will not recognize it. I do know which physical drive is
> the boot drive, so I could conceivably take down NFS and unmount the LVM
> volumes.

I'm confused as to whether sdd is current a PV used by LVM, but not actually
in use, or if it's just an unused drive.  I think you've got an extra step to
do if it's the former.


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