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Amarok, anyone?

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Since I set up the machine in my living room as a media server, I've
been working to get all my music tags cleaned up.  I've been using
Amarok to play the music, and that's fine as far as it goes, but I'm
finding a problem I can't explain.

I'm noticing that a number of songs, sometimes full albums, are
inexplicably missing.  The files are there, but they don't show up in
the media list - or (less often) they are somehow filed under "Various
Artists" or "Unknown".  As I understand it, Amarok does its indexing via
id3 tag information, so I went to a few specific tracks to make sure
that the tags were all set.  Indeed, the ID3v1 and ID3v2 information is
all there.  I even went into the "files" tab, found the tracks, and
edited the track info via Amarok - still no difference in the UI.

I know the files have been edited, at the least, I can see the access
times change.  The files are *all* under the same music subdirectory,
and that directory is checked to be scanned as part of the collection.
Rescanning many times doesn't help.  Anyone have any suggestions?  While
"use ProgramX" may be useful in the long run, I'd rather stick with this
one unless I absolutely must switch.

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