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best office/home office setup - the telecommuter

On Sun, 2009-07-26 at 10:41 -0400, Kent Borg wrote:

> Bill Ricker wrote:
> > i might be better off moving both or one up to Jaunty.
> >
> I have my doubts about Jaunty. On my notebook I have had random total
> freezeups (frozen mouse, no keyboard response, menubar clock seconds
> stop, etc.) and near freezeups (mouse pointer still moves), there is a
> hubub on the net about the Intel graphics driver being messed up, and I
> can verify that there are problems with dual displays; I am suspicious
> the two are related.

I run Jaunty with dual monitors on an HP dv8000t 17" laptop (3 + years
old). Native resolution on the laptop is 1680x1050. I keep two monitor
setups, one at work with a port replicator that is also a stand, and at
home I have a knick-knack box that I prop the laptop up on so that it is
the same height as the monitor next to it. My work second monitor is a
1280x1024, and the second one at home is a nice 22" 1680x1050.
I have had no issues with driving either second monitor.

I have tried running two separate systems with USB keys for data
transfer, but it becomes a mess real quick, and there are multiple
copies all over the place, especially when you're experimenting with
code. The other pain is that if I find some cool app for dong things I
would have had to install it twice, and maintain it twice.

Now, I transport my laptop to and from work. I maintain a single system,
and it works with both the home and the work dual monitor setups (and
when I say works, it works flawlessly with compiz-fusion and rotating
desktops etc, grouped terminals, alpha transparency etc).
I keep ALL (even experimental) code in an SVN repository, and have also
started keeping documents there too, as it works as a nice central point
of storage. 

And yes, I second (third?) that the one thing I spent good money on was
a laptop backpack. It makes carrying the laptop (not the lightest one in
the world) almost effortless, and is a lot more comfortable that a
normal laptop case. Some of the nicer ones also have an extending drag
bar and wheels so that you can pull then like airline luggage, but I
didn't go quite that far ...


> Experiment with Jaunty before committing.
> -kb, the Kent who is waiting for the fall so he can more past Jaunty.
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