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Linksys BEFSR41v4: When is a firewall not a firewall?

Tom Metro-16 wrote:
> Don Levey wrote:
>> Why are these attempts getting past the Linksys in the first place, and
>> How are they being directed to this one machine?
> Is the target machine running a protocol that makes outbound UDP 
> connections on random ports? DNS perhaps?
> UDP is not stateful, and once your router sets up a NAT table entry for 
> the outbound packet, it may not be restricting the source IP of the
> replies.
> (Some VPNs take advantage of an aspect of this to accomplish NAT 
> traversal...

Don, can you afford to shut everything down and run the target machine with
no outbound packets allowed for a day or so and see if the problem goes
away? If it does, then yes as Tom suggests, some outbound pseudo-connection
over UDP is opening up a path back in. (This was my first thought as well.)

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