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Time Change on Fedora 10

>>>>> "Jim" == jbk  <jbk-SkCWf5sxpj0sV2N9l4h3zg at> writes:

    >> I use NTP to set the time on my computer and in the past the
    >> time change has been automatic for switching from daylight
    >> savings time. Today that did not occur. I get the tzdata
    >> updates including yesterdays.

Not too long ago I woke up on the daylight savings change day and it
hadn't changed because it turned out my time zone was set to the one
in Indiana that doesn't change.  I'm not sure how that happened -- I'm
sure I didn't do it, and it would be an odd default to pick.

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other hand I've stopped at a lot of green ones but never gotten credit
for it.

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