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SVN Access Help


I'm seeing a strange error for a user trying to access a SVN repos over Tortoise.  So the user is running Windows, with Tortoise and trying to check out, and eventually check in.  The repository is hosted on a linux server so they're svn+ssh:// etc..  When they attempt to check out the database they get:

Berkeley DB error while opening environment for filesystem ... 
Permission denied

I thought at first the issue might be user access to SVN so I looked at the svnserve.conf but that has auth-access: write, anom-access: read 
and as I'm learning it seems like it might be the conflict between the local repository and the server on the machine as Tortoise needs to talk to the SVN server...

Any ideas?  


- Jared


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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