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Ubuntu updates not consistent between systems

On 11/11/2009 07:33 AM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> On 11/10/2009 09:00 PM, edwardp-KK0ffGbhmjU at wrote:
>  =20
>> I have Ubuntu 9.10 (actually, Xubuntu) installed on two systems, a=20
>> desktop and a laptop.
>> The updater (on the laptop) indicated there were 26 updates last night=
>> and another 11 this evening.  The updater then proceeded to download a=
>> install the updates.  A few of them were CUPS-related.
>> On the desktop, before I manually ran it a few hours ago, it indicated=
>> it was last updated three days ago and there were no new updates, yet =

>> the settings show it is to check on a daily basis.
>> I have the same software installed on both systems.  Why would one=20
>> indicate updates are available, while the other does not indicate the =
>> _
>>    =20
> Check your software sources panels. Updates are based on what you have
> installed, and you may have different drivers installed, but that reall=
> does not explain why you had a difference in CUPS. You can also check
> what versions of things you have to see if there is a version differenc=
>  =20
Additionally I noticed that my laptop (Karmic) did not show updates
until this morning and it is connected 24x5. I'm sure they use some
algorithm so they don't get inundated with updates to many systems at
the same time.=20

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