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RSync backup issue


> *#rsync -e ssh --password-file=/etc/.rsyncpassword -varuzP > /backup/backup.log administrator-Q0ErXNX1RuYmaKRe3I/nfg at*

> Any thoughts about :
> B)  Have the Rsync process know the password for the Administrator account
> so I'm not always prompted?

I think you're getting tripped up because rsync supports several different
transfer methods.  When you specify "directory hostname:/directory" style 
connections, it will use a remote shell.

If you specify "rsync://hostname directory" style connections, it uses the
rsync protocol and you need a listening rsync daemon on the remote end to 
transfer the files.  The --password-file option is an option for
connections to an rsync daemon.

In your rsync options -varuzP, -P implies -v and -a implies -r, so you 
can shorten it to -auzP.

Also SSH has been the default remote shell in rsync for six or seven years,
so you can drop the '-e ssh' bit as well.  Just follow Dan Ritter's advice on
setting up the SSH keys, and you should be all set.


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