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the distro kunundrum...

Well... so I've boxed myself in... At work I ordered a Dell (I had no 
choice really, the IT guys only buy Dells) to run RHEL for a backup 
system I'm putting together. After way to much time fussing around, I 
finally got the damn thing up and running. I then go to test the network 
and the network performance is very bad. So I mess around, putting in 
different nic cards brands only to find that the problem doesn't go way. 
Next I burn a fedora 11 live CD, fire it up and lo and behold, I get 
close to 100Mbytes/sec data rate over the nic, as what I would expect.

So now I have a choice of wiping off RHEL and putting on fedora or 
somehow getting a newer kernel installed... which in the end breaks the 
model of getting enterprise software for an enterprise application.... 
Putting a home grown not RHEL supported kernel on RHEL basically voids 
the warenty sort to speak....

any words of advice? I'm kind of blowing off steam right now...

Cheers. Steve.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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