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Go (language)

On 11/22/2009 09:27 PM, David Kramer wrote:
> I like C++, but cross-platform is very important to me, and the C++
> standard doesn't cover enough of what's needed for a real app, which is=

> why I spend most of my time in Java or Perl or PHP.  Most of what's
> missing is platform/OS independent IO.
>  =20
Please elaborate on this. I have done much cross platform work on C and
C++. Most of the platform dependencies are not so much language, but in
functions and procedures that are not part of the C or C++ standards.
There are certainly some things I would like to have been supported by C
or C++, such as threads. Another area that is not in C or C++ is
graphics. K&R specifically avoided I/O from their model, and it is not
part of the language. However I/O was added to the standard libraries. I
mentioned threads because it is now very pervasive, especially with
multi-core CPUs being commonplace.

Languages with a VM, such as  Java and Python have defined behaviors
that do make them excellent cross platform candidates. After coding in
both Java and Python I've come to appreciate both langiuages. In my
company we have just added Python capability so our clients can extend
the product. We still have a C++ extension as well as a script (similar
to VBA) extension.

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