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Minor printer issue Fedora 12 possibly firewall or SeLinux

On 11/24/2009 09:22 AM, Matthew Gillen wrote:
> On 11/24/2009 09:03 AM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
>  =20
>> I did a clean install on Fedora 12, and I set up my printer this morni=
>> (HP 4500N - networked color laser). Other than having knocked the cabl=
>> loose the other day, the printer came up as expected, but I see that
>> there is an ink level display on system-config-printer, but when I run=

>> it, I get a printer job that that stays in the queue (test print works=

>> fine). Additionally, I am unable to connect to the printer from Firefo=
>> So, it looks like for some reason I have the firewall blocking some
>> ports. I know that http(80) is currently blocked.
>>    =20
> Might not be relevant, but there's a gtk update this morning that said
> something about fixing a printer bug:
> If system-config-printer can get to the printer for the 'test print' th=
en it's
> unlikely to be a firewall issue (unless I misunderstood you).  You can =
> selinux blocks by running 'sealert'.
> You try updating gtk and restarting firefox to see if the problem magic=
> goes away.
>  =20
I've already got that update installed. It's not too much of an issue
since I've never used Linux to check toner levels before. In the past I
was able to connect to the printer from Firefox, but not an issue
either. The main thing this morning was printing, and I found the Cat5
cable was not clicked in.

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