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Traditionally apples have been price competative.  I don't believe this to be the case any more, they have fallen well behind.  6 months ago I priced out a mac book pro vs a dell inspiron, for my sister going to college.  Specs were pretty close with a few trade offs on both sides.  When all was said and done any guru would likely give the edge to the dell spec wise.  The dell came in about $600 less even with the designer cover and shipping.

As for netbooks, I would give up my inspiron 1410 before my mini 9.   I will say I'm impressed with the build quality of the dell mini.   But it all depends on how you use them.  Netbooks are made for web browsing, reviewing documents and such. Not for writing code or anything that requires a lot of typing.  Personally I'm use to adapting between 4 different keyboard layouts, desktop, laoptop, blackberry and mini, so the keyboard doesn't bother me as much.  But it all depends on what your looking for.  If you want a work machine, spend the extra money and get a ultra portable laptop.  You won't get a lot of work done on a netbook, but they are great for basic use when you have some time to kill.  

One final not they are also great for emergency ssh access if you have a wireless plan.

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On Nov 24, 2009, at 9:17 PM, Tom Metro wrote:
> I suspect is has far more to do with the fact that netbooks are low margin and price competitive. That's not Apple's fort?.

Well, Apple is price competitive if you compare apples to apples, so to speak. Apple's prices are very competitive with comparable offerings from Dell, HP, Lenovo.  But it's true that Apple doesn't do low end.  Netbooks can't deliver the user experience that Apple wants to deliver -- and the fact that hackintoshed netbooks are favorably compared to Apple's state of the art 4 generations back is proof of that. :)

--Rich P.

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