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Trouble at the 9th layer.

Dan Ritter <dsr-mzpnVDyJpH4k7aNtvndDlA at> suggested this warning about dev root:
>   Attempting to violate this policy once will result in a
>   warning. A second attempt will probably be considered grounds
>   for termination of employment.
>   If you think you need expanded privileges on any machine,
>   please contact the sysadmin staff ...

Heh.  I am the guy in charge of the dev servers where I work.  If I sent that
out, the devs would instantaneously go over my head and I'd get a CTO or VP
directive that so-and-so gets root, period, on all dev boxes (and I've even
gotten that directive for two of the devs on all /production/ boxes).

I try to bend over backwards and give the devs what they need--quickly--but
this is a battle I have not figure out how to win, at least in a small company
(IT organization of about 25-30 with 6 to 10 developers).

But maybe it's a battle I should try again soon because most of the long-time
hires have disappeared--a lot of this office politics depends on longevity,
and now only one of the developers has been there longer than me.

ISO 7-layer model: 8th layer = finance, 9th layer = politics.


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