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another Comcast head-end goes digital

Tom Metro wrote:
> I'm still leaning towards it being a frequency table problem. I don't 
> get why it is so hard to find the other common tables.

Applied some better Google-foo and found the files are in the dvb-utils 
package. (I'll have to update the MythTV wiki.)

% sudo aptitude install dvb-utils

% ./scte65scan -p -H FFFFFFFF,0 
tuning lock
tuning lock
tuning lock
tuning lock
tuning 223761100hz.locked...PID 0x1ffc timeout
PID 0x1ffb timeout
tuning 229761400hz.locked...PID 0x1ffc found
Collecting data (may take up to 2 minutes)
VCT_ID 3019 (0x0bcb) at 229761400hz, version 10
    2   90.1   4 WGBH2
    3   95.9   4 HSN
    4   90.2   4 CBS4
    5   90.3   4 WCVB5
    6   91.2   4 WLNE6

PSIP channels
256.1   WLVI56  571778500hz QAM_256     12
207.1    WHDH7  571778500hz QAM_256      4
  44.1   WGBX44  571778500hz QAM_256     10
204.1     WBZ4  571778500hz QAM_256      2

That's better. Now I just need to figure out which of the 6 lineups is 
the right one.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
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