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On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 1:21 PM, Ryan Pugatch <rpug-vYTEC60ixJUAvxtiuMwx3w at> wrote:

> The iPad has come.  Who has one and what do you use it for?
> My current opinion is that if I did not have a laptop at home, then it
> would be useful.
> I am interested to hear what everyone else thinks.
> Also, why doesn't it have a front facing camera?  It would be such an
> awesome video conference device.

Haven't bought one, and don't have any plans.

It doesn't do anything my laptop and iPhone don't currently do, and it won't
replace carry either of them really.  Apple's biggest fans already have an
iPhone, I know they're on track to sell 1M, but I just don't see the big
draw for the masses, maybe I'm too technical? :-)

Combined w/ the few key missing features, such as the front facing camera
you mentioned, as well tethering to an iPhone for data outside wifi areas
and a few others make me think it's better to wait for later revisions.

I waited for the iPhone 3GS and was happy that I did.

If you think a device like the iPad might cover things you do with a laptop,
and so you think it might be worth it, you should consider the HP Slate as
well--yes, it runs Win7 Starter naively, but that can be cured w/ a light
distro, maybe something like Chromium OS if you're so inclined.  It's priced
similarly to the iPad as well.

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