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internet connection

j. daniel moylan wrote:
>> If that doesn't produce a better result, you probably have a
>> driver that doesn't quite support the model of wifi chip you
>> have...
> but how could that be?  if i go back to NetworkManager, it
> makes the connection quite handily, so the driver's got to
> be there ... right?

That does seem like a reasonable assumption.

Having not set up a wireless connection from the command line, what I 
wonder is how does the authentication credentials get specified? The GUI 
NetworkManager takes care of collecting and storing those. If it doesn't 
already store them in a place that the command line tools, which NM is 
layered over, already know how to access, that could be the problem. And 
even if they do know how to access the right spot, there may be a 
missing step to unlock the encrypted storage holding those credentials 
(key ring).

Unfortunately you're attempting to perform a rare operation, as command 
line config is usually performed only on servers, and servers rarely use 
wireless interfaces.

Have you studied the man pages for the various wireless command line 
tools Dan mentioned?


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