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NAS Server

On 12/03/2010 10:01 AM, Daniel Feenberg wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Dec 2010, Jerry Feldman wrote:
>> After some research and some online discussions, including here, we
>> bought a Netgear ReadyNAS 3100 with 4TB XRaid (4 2TB SATA drives). XRa=
>> is Netgear's proprietary RAID, but you can configure standard RAID
>> configurations. I also bound the 2 NICs. I found that the performance =
>> the NAS device to be much better than the Linux server with SCSI drive=
>> that we had been using. Additionally I found it much easier to set up
> Can I ask, do the bound NICs help with the speed when there is only
> one client, or just allow clients to interfere less with each other?
> There are lots of different types of "binding" ethernet links - do you
> know the type you are using?
> Daniel Feenberg
I don't know how Netgear ReadyNAS does the binding, but you can probably
find the answer online. Our IT guy in NY advised me against it based on
his experience with another product, but I have found that we are
getting a better throughput. When I do a product build I find that it is
slightly slower than doing the same build with the local SCSI drives,
but much faster than a previous test I ran on one of our other servers
using NFS exported from the SCSI system. As I mentioned, I am very happy
with the service we are getting from the ReadyNAS.

ReadyNAS 3100
Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz
2GB memory.

Basically I could not price a comparable rack mount system at the time.
I think the SnapServer was cheaper, but my boss chose the ReadyNAS. One
issue is whether to use a prebuilt appliance or to build a system yoursel=

After looking at the Acer Aspire easyStore H340, I note that it uses an
Intel=AE Atom=99 Processor 230
(512KB L2 cache, 1.60GHz, 533MHz FSB).

I don't know exactly what Chris' needs, but this is certainly not an
enterprise grade system. I think it depends very specifically on how the
system is going to be used. If we were going to use it for a backup
device (like the WD MyBook) it would be excellent, or even for
additional storage, but if we were going to use it for a real-time NFS
or CIFS server I would look more toward the commercial systems. The
rackmount ReadyNAS 3100 is possibly overkill (we paid about $3800 with
the 4 2TB drives included last July). I generally buy from a single
supplier that is approved through a PO. I think that a SnapServer with
similar specs may be somewhat cheaper.

Jerry Feldman <gaf-mNDKBlG2WHs at>
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