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rhel 6 fustrations...

Fedora v. RHEL:

One thing I've noticed, Fedora leaves out much "enterprise" 
type stuff (the conspiracy theorist in me thinks this is  
so Fedora doesn't easily "Steal" too many seats from RHEL). 

Autofs, for example, it missing.  Fedora isn't meant to be
"used as a server"?   I suppose I buy that logic.  Less
tried and true.


I'm really interested in the changeover from "traditional"
init, to "upstart" init.   Have not stumbled upon too many
good/practical pieces that explain how the migration is
being implemented in different *nix distros.

>From the earlier discussion,  I think part of the reason
for some of the popular utilities being "gone" is that the
underlying foundation of startup/shutdown is being shifted,
and many of the admin utils are tightly related to startup
and shutdown.

I'd be interested in hearing more of the "upstart" story.
I think I understand the "goals", but the issue is the 
complexity and the fundamental incompatibility between the
two paradigms.    Merging (or having available both).

Static Linking:

Also the "Static linking" package is noticeably missing in 
RHEL6.   The doco says that they're trying to extinguish 
bad programming practices.   I'm always curious when 
functionality is removed.  The doco says that they're trying 
to extinguish bad programming practices.  

Jim Gasek

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