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LILO isn't obsolete

I'm not looking for advise (yet), just sharing an amusing anecdote:

My main home system has 4 SATA ports, two of which started getting flaky 
recently.  After weighing options, I went with the least expensive 
option: a PCIe SATA card.  Splurged a little and got the High Point 
Rocket 620A (dual 6Gbps), figuring it may have a little longer life 
span.  I moved the two fastest drives to the new adapter, fixed the 
boot order in the motherboard BIOS, and Windows XP was happy as a pig in 
mud (the MBR on the first drive boot directly to it).

Linux, on the other hand, is booted via GRUB on a floppy.  I tried 
everything I could, moving files from disk to disk to disk, nothing 
worked.  And yes, I'm competent enough with GRUB to know all about 
specifying root and map when needed.

Finally I went back to /etc/lilo.conf, last used in 2007.  Can't say it 
worked first time - I had a typo - but it's working fine now.

When I have some more time, I'll boot to one of the other drives and see 
if I can figure out why the device mapping seems to change.

	Jerry Natowitz
	j.natowitz (at)

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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