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Did you add permissions to pg_hba.conf? By default, psql uses
UNIX sockets, not TCP/IP, and ph_hba.conf (Host-Based Access)
is where you set those permissions.

On CentOS (and presumably RHEL and Fedora, too), the file is at


On my home web server, I added the following to pg_hba.conf:

    host    all         all          password

This allows all users you define inside postgresql to connect from localhost.

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 5:11 PM, Jerry Feldman <gaf-mNDKBlG2WHs at> wrote:
> I am having some difficulty installing phpbb3. Essentially, the only
> database that is recognized is postgresql even though I have sqlite
> installed, but not the module. In any case, woith postgresql I have
> successfully created a database, phpbb3, and I can run other psql
> commands on it logged in as the postgresql user. But, when I enter the
> Install tab on phpbb3, I enter localhost as the Database Server name (or
> the actual server URL where I am installing phpbb3), phpbb3 as the
> database name, in this specific case postgres and the user name, and the
> postgres user's password, although this will change in the future, the
> issue now is I want to get this up and running quickly.
> The message I get back is:
> **Could not connect to the database, see error message below.
> No error message given.
> Most of the time, I am *running on another server on our cluster, but I
> have even tried running firefox on the same host. While I have not
> double checked, I do not have SELinux or IPtables running. Any clues.
> *
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