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Upgrade a CVS server to something else?

markw wrote:
> For me, or at least how I use a version control system is to just keep 
> track of my changes

Something I recently realized works easily with git:

  # cd /etc
  # git init
  # chmod 700 .git
  # git add .
  # git commit -m "initial /etc contents"

Now if an update changes some /etc files I will see which with "git 
status" and can see what changed in a specific file with "git diff 
terribly_important.rc".  I likely want to add and commit the changes and 
can do so in two steps, or if no new files have been created I can add 
and commit all changes in a single step with:

  # git commit -a -m "changes from sha-3 upgrade"

Seems particularly nice when I am messing with things like apache 
configurations that still confuse me.  I want to be able to see what my 
latest edits have done and get back to the previous state from before I 
started breaking things. 

For config files (not gigantic blobs, not /dev/sda, etc.), as long as my 
environment doesn't choke on the presence of a .git directory, I can do 
my revision control in-place.

If I later decide it isn't worth it:

  # rm -rf /etc/.git

...and it will all go away like a bad dream on a sunny morning.


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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