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Color Nook

Jerry Feldman wrote:
> The only negative I have seen on the Color Nook is the battery life in terms of 8
> hours vs. days for the Kindle and B&W Nook.

Battery life, yes, but also with the e-paper Kindle you can "take it to 
the beach": thin, light, great in bright sunlight.  And unlike the 
original Nook, almost reasonable page-turn times.  (I haven't seen the 
recent Kindle improvements in person.  The needed improvements need to 
be logarithmic, whereas I suspect they are only linear.)

I don't have a Kindle and I am badly annoyed by the "rental" aspect of 
DRMed books which is why I don't have one now (still--they do do open 
content), but the current Kindle is getting pretty affordable, and as 
with paper books, who's to say I can't have more than one e-reader?  I 
can easily imagine using more than one at a time.

On my Nexus One I have (1) the Kindle app, (2) the Google Book app, and 
(3) Aldiko (the only one for which I have paid content--a couple non-DRM 
O'Reilly titles, I should make a habit of buying more from them as a 
political statement).  At some point I look forward to getting a big 
screen Android, I am guessing there will be a "Nexus" product that will 
convince me, but once I do, the chance that I decide I also need a 
traditional Kindle* seems likely.  Possibly sooner if I need to make an 
emergency purchase on word that e-paper products are being 
discontinued.  B&W LCDs were pretty nice but they got crushed

Merry Christmas,


* Pretty wild for a phrase like "traditional Kindle" to be sensible.

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