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[Discuss] Home Wireless Routers OT

Chris O'Connell wrote:
> This is a bit off topic...

Consumer routers pretty much all run Linux, so in my opinion it is on topic.

> I'm looking for a home wi-fi router that can broadcast a guest SSID and a
> protected SSID.

One of the newer routers with stock firmware that supports this should
be your least effort solution.

Using a third party firmware might let you use a cheaper router or
repurpose an existing router. There are experimental versions of Tomato
that support multiple SSIDs, such as:

(The main developer of Tomato USB hasn't updated the code in over a
year, but several other developers have branched the public git
repository and created updated and feature enhanced versions.
Unfortunately they aren't able to update, so they
can be hard to learn about.)

markw at wrote:
> I have a similar issue and my solution was to buy two cheap NetGear
> refurbs at MicroCenter. I put the "guest" WiFi on its own subnet 
> and route through the cable modem. My internal wifi is part of
> the cable modem network. 

Good solution, but this usually requires 3 routers to pull off, or one
of the 2 routers supporting routing rules that usually is beyond the
abilities of the stock firmware in a consumer router. (A version of
Tomato found at the above link can handle VLANs, which can easily handle
segregating a network in this fashion.)

What sits between your cable modem and your guest router?

> One advantage is that two wifi systems effectively double your wifi
> as well.

True. I hear some routers have multiple radios/antennas and you can
dedicate an SSID to a specific band. (The Tomato firmware supports this.
So, for example, you can limit your guests to 802.11g speeds.)


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